UBI Group

We are a multinational biopharmaceutical organization dedicated to the development of diagnostics and immunotherapeutics for the improvement of global health. 


Founded in 1985, we are a private, closely held company passionate about delivering science-driven innovation with platform capabilities. Our scientific achievements include the world’s first peptide-based diagnostic test and first fully synthetic peptide-based vaccine. Our roots are in the United States, with a broad footprint throughout Asia. We have traditionally partnered with global firms or spun-out companies for the commercialization of our products and have supported the sale of billions of units based on our technologies in human and animal health.

Today, our family of companies span a broad spectrum of capabilities and therapeutic areas. Our companies cover novel drug discovery and development, CDMO services, and manufacturing capabilities across vaccines, protein and antibodies, specialty injectables and small molecules. Our product pipeline across these companies include the prevention and treatment of indications in neurology, immunology and infectious diseases for both animal and human health.


United BioPharma

Developing innovative protein/antibody solutions

UBI Pharma

Delivering specialty injectables/ proteins and world-class CMO services

UBI Asia

Bringing medical innovation to Taiwan


Bringing vaccines to chronic disease

ShenLian Biomedical

Delivering novel animal health vaccines in China


Through its various spin-out and affiliate companies, UBI is involved in the following areas:


Development of vaccines for human health based on a synthetic peptide platform, spanning therapeutic areas such as neurology, allergy, and infectious diseases

Proteins and Antibodies

Development and manufacture of large proteins and mAbs for human indications, including HIV/AIDS and oncology

Animal Health

Commercialization, development, and manufacture of synthetic peptide based vaccines for animal health, including the first fully synthetic peptide vaccine approved for an infectious disease (food-and-mouth disease virus), and one of the only two approved vaccines in the world targeting a self-antigen (LHRH for immunocastration)


Development and commercialization of blood-based antibody diagnostics for both human and animal health applications including synthetic peptide based diagnostics for HIV, HCV, and COVID


GMP CDMO services for the biopharmaceutical industry, including oral and sterile injectable formulations, certified in multiple major jurisdictions globally


Joop Sistermans
James Chui
Louis Reese
Mei Mei Hu
Director & CEO
Eric Tautfest


Novel antibodies detect additional α-synuclein pathology in synucleinopathies: potential development for immunotherapy
Effect of Anti-CD4 Antibody UB-421 on HIV-1 Rebound after Treatment Interruption
UB-311, a novel UBITh® amyloid β peptide vaccine for mild Alzheimer's disease
A Novel SARS-CoV-2 Multitope Protein/Peptide Vaccine Candidate is Highly Immunogenic and Prevents Lung Infection in an Adeno Associated Virus Human Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2 (AAV hACE2) Mouse Model
Site-specific peptide vaccines for immunotherapy and immunization against chronic diseases, cancer, infectious diseases, and for veterinary applications
SARS antibody test for serosurveillance


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